“IMS Messsysteme – World Market Leader in Measuring Systems”

X-ray measuring systems, isotope measuring systems and optical measuring systems from the world’s leading manufacturer IMS have been a guarantee for highest product quality in the production and processing of steel, aluminium and non-ferrous metals since 1980.

IMS multi-channel profile measuring systems for cold strip

  • Measuring principle: radiometric
  • Measuring task: thickness measurement, profile measurement
  • Area of ​​application: Cold rolling mills
  • Production plant: reversing stand, tandem mill, process lines
  • Measured material: steel, aluminum and copper

Highest measuring accuracy as a guarantee for maximum precision

By combining the latest X-ray technology and the use of high-precision detectors ,IMS multichannel measuring systems offer the highest temporal and local resolution for continuous thickness profile measurement over the entire strip length . Used for the thickness measurement and profile measurement of steel, aluminum and copper , multi-channel profile measurement systems are used in reversing stands , tandem mills and process lines in cold rolling mills .

The radiometric measuring method used provides high product accuracy with very small measuring time constants, comprehensive product data , the data feedback of which leads to an optimized product quality for the higher level automation . A measuring device as a guarantee for maximum precision, reliability and quality, which offers the following quality criteria in the cold strip area through its continuous measurements :

  • Strip thickness in the middle of the strip
  • Simultaneous detection of the thickness cross profile
  • Edgedrop
  • Wedge and crown

Your Challenges

  • Quality improvement of the material
  • quality assurance
  • Documentation made easier by protocols
  • Minimized risk of injury when measuring manually

Our solutions for you

  • Use only one absorption curve
  • Continuous measurements without additional measuring range switching functions and the necessary range calibrations
  • No delay due to thermal transient processes of the X-ray tube, since there is no change in the high voltage
  • X-ray tubes offer an increased service life under constant conditions
  • Alloy compensation does not have to be adapted to changing energy ranges

Highest measuring accuracy as a guarantee for maximum precision

So far, calibration plates have been used for the calibration or checking of the measuring accuracy of the radiometric multi-channel measuring systems, which had to be positioned and measured by hand over the measuring channels to be calibrated or tested.

Together with the calibration sheet trolley supplied with all multichannel profile measuring systems , the IMS Calibration Master, as an automated tool with a programmable drive, replaces the manual positioning of the calibration sheets from now on and supports you quickly and conveniently with the calibration or calibration test of IMS multichannel profile measuring devices and thus with the verification of all measurement data.

The program package embedded in the system software automatically moves to the different measuring channels one after the other , determines the measurement data, saves it in a file and creates a corresponding calibration report.

Positioning accurate to the tenth of a millimeter at the push of a button!


Automated calibration with the IMS Calibration Master (ICM)

Measurement task: 

Automated calibration or calibration test of IMS multi-channel profile measuring devices

Your Challenges

  • No documentation
  • Laborious work step
  • Manual estimation
  • Time consuming

Our solutions for you

  • Automated proof of quality
  • Automated calibration
  • Positioning accurate to the tenth of a millimeter
  • High savings potential
  • Quick payback
  • Maintenance free

IMS CCS geometry (camera cluster systems)

  • Measuring principle: optical
  • Measurement task: geometrymeasurement
  • Area of ​​application: Service Center
  • Production plant: cross-cutting plant
  • Measured material: steel, aluminum and non-ferrous metals


Away from random quality control to 100% inspection

Tolerance violations in the running production process are reported by the IMS camera cluster systems in real time via a warning signal , which enables immediate intervention in production and appropriate process correction. Unwanted rejects are successfully avoided , while at the same time sustainably increasing production effectiveness and quality.

Used for the geometry measurement of steel, aluminum and non-ferrous metals , camera cluster systems (CCS) are used in cross-cut systems by service centers. Production systems have to function consistently, efficiently and profitably, with high set-up costs having a negative impact on yields due to manual measurement of the width, length, squareness and saber of sheets or sheets . Measurements with rulers or the elaborate measurement on measuring tables involve measurement inaccuracies and transmission errors in manual data transfer are often preprogrammed.

The CCS Geometry system uses the patented camera cluster technology , which we are the first manufacturer to use successfully worldwide. The system works fully automatically and adapts itself automatically to different sheet and sheet lengths as well as different surface properties. The entire geometry of the sheets and plates is precisely recorded on the conveyor belt or in the roller table , which ensures 100% control.

Your Challenges

  • Long set-up times, caused among other things by manual measurement of the width, length, diagonals and saber
  • Difficult accessibility for manual
  • High risk of injury
  • Unreliable manual latitude, longitude and diagonal measurement with rulers and at measuring tables
  • Tolerance limits exceeded during production

Our solutions for you

  • Measurement and data processing takes place inline and takes a fraction of a second
  • Fully automatic geometry measurement. No manual operation on the measuring system necessary
  • High resolution and measuring accuracy Use of 100 cameras per meter of bandwidth
  • 100% control
  • If there are deviations in the dimensional accuracy, appropriate alarms are signaled
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