Mobile platforms from KUKA open up new dimensions of mobility in the age of Industrie 4.0. Whether for the aerospace or automotive industry, or for many other sectors: it has never been easier to integrate autonomous robots and mobile platforms quickly and reliably into cells and systems. 

KUKA Mobile Platform 1500

KUKA Mobile Platform 1500

The KMP 1500 is an omnidirectional, mobile platform that navigates autonomously and flexibly. Combined with the latest KUKA Sunrise controller, it provides modular, versatile and above all mobile production concepts for the industry of the future.

KMP 1500: the next level of automation in production facilities 

The cornerstone of the KMP 1500 is the mobile platform. It features numerous characteristics that make it the perfect solution for flexible manufacturing processes:

  • Safety features: four Emergency Stops, blinker to indicate the direction of travel, LED signaling lamp and two laser scanners with safety and warning sensors for 360-degree monitoring
  • Energy and power supply: rechargeable Li-ion battery pack with 54 Ah capacity and a minimum operating time of three hours, can be charged via direct cable or floor contact plate
  • Wireless interfaces: configuration and programming possible without cables, remote control 
  • Hardware components: bodyshell, KUKA motor, rigid axle, swing axle, gearing for connection of the wheel system
  • KUKA Navigation Solution Basic: the sophisticated navigation system enables the mobile platform to navigate autonomously without risk of collision and without artificial markings.
  • KUKA Sunrise.OSthe integrated KUKA Sunrise.OS controller features all interfaces required for standard robots and is easy to expand.
  • KUKA Mecanum wheel: the KUKA omniMove drive technology based on the Mecanum wheel allows the KMP 1500 to move in any direction, ensuring that the KMP 1500 precisely navigates to the desired position even in tight spaces.

KUKA OmniMove (AGVs)

KUKA omniMove (AGVs)

KUKA omniMove is our transport platform for heavy loads. Move it with great ease into the right position – with ultra-precision and in the tightest of spaces. The KUKA omniMove also offers excellent mobility, easily operated by remote control.

Advantages of the KUKA omniMove


Depending on the vehicle variant, the KUKA omniMove can safely and conveniently move even the heaviest components in XXL format. It has a payload capacity of up to 90 tonnes and – in the maximum version – reaches a length up to 30 meters.


The KUKA omniMove can move even the heaviest loads without contact on up to +/- 3 mm.


 You can choose from ten different vehicle variants, and we will then personalize your selection with individual option packages and modules – fully in accordance with your requirements and wishes.

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