Air pollution is causing lethal damage to the health and welfare of humans and other beings across the globe. It is a serious problem that we as society face today. The main causes of air pollution are the emissions of poisonous gases from industries and vehicles, such as carbon monoxide, methane, carbon dioxide, etc. It is therefore essential to control this issue.



Ensuring clean air requires a collaborative effort. Since 2009, Indonesia governmental agency, Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) of Republic of Indonesia has created regulations that will minimize the release of pollutants and harmful toxins in the air. CEMS (or Continuous Emission Monitoring System) is required by KLHK so that emission can be measured and monitored continuously. 

Additionally, the PermenLHK 13 Tahun 2021 on ‘Information System for Industrial Continuous Monitoring’ is also implemented so that facilities can report their emissions automatically.


PT Indojaya Mitra Sarana has expertise you can count on for system integration service. As a true system integrator, we offer an unmatched, high-quality solution, FLOEMS-PMRS (or Pollution Monitoring and Reporting System) that collects and data for display, management and reporting purposes.

FLOEMS – PMRS has the ability to acquire data from the analyzer in each chimney, and process it into format that required by the KLHK to be connected to SISPEK KLHK, in accordance with the capabilities required by DAS and DIS. FLOEMS – PMRS is designed to run in parallel with existing DCS, so it doesn’t interfere with the existing system. FLOEMS – PMRS also has an intuitive interface/display for operators/users to monitor.


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