Phoenix Contact is a globally present, Germany-based market leader. The group is synonymous with future-oriented components, systems, and solutions in the fields of electrical engineering, electronics, and automation. A global network across more than 100 countries and 17,600 employees ensure close proximity to our customers, which we believe is particularly important.


PLCnext Technology is the ecosystem for industrial automation. The combination of open control platform (PLCnext Control), modular engineering software (PLCnext Engineer), and digital software marketplace (PLCnext Store) enables easy adaptation to changing demands and the efficient utilization of existing and future software services. Due to simple cloud integration, the possibility of using open source software and the constantly growing know-how of the user community (PLCnext Community), PLCnext Technology is able to meet all challenges of the IoT world.


Your advantages

  • Flexible engineering, thanks to the integration of individual function add-ins in the free basic version
  • Simplified engineering process, thanks to the use of automation modules and object-oriented programming
  • Time and cost savings, thanks to fully integrated programming in a single interface
  • One software program for all engineering tasks
  • Less work and training involved, thanks to the optimized user interface
  • Uniform operation worldwide, thanks to programming according to IEC 61131
  • Secure programming, certified in accordance with IEC 61508
  • Security by design, with the controllers of the PLCnext Control family

Main features

  • One software program for all engineering tasks.
  • Programming in accordance with IEC 61131-3 
  • Secure programming, certified in accordance with IEC 61508
  • Security by design, with the controllers from the PLCnext Control range.

Controller with PLCnext Technology Limitless automation

PLCnext Control are the hardware for the ecosystem PLCnext Technology. They make it possible to implement automation projects without the limitations of proprietary systems. Connect directly with Proficloud and integrate individual cloud services. PLCnext Control allows parallel programming based on established software tools. For example, you can optionally combine functions according to IEC 61131-3 with routines from C/C++, C# or Matlab® Simulink® and merge them into a complete system.

Your advantages

  • PLC‑typical real time performance and data consistency, also for high‑level languages and model‑based code
  • Limitless adaption capability through quick, simple integration of open‑source software, apps, and future technologies
  • Intelligent networking through cloud connection and integration of current and future communication standards
  • Quick application development: several developers work independently in different programming languages



Simple networking, automation without limits
PROFICLOUD from Phoenix Contact provides you with professional, integrated cloud solutions for your automation. For example, thanks to the PROFICLOUD, distributed systems based on the tried-and-tested PROFINET standard communicate directly and securely via the Internet.

Use Proficloud to integrate distributed automation devices or cloud services into your local PROFINET network over the Internet – without any additional programming. This allows you to communicate securely and across all locations.

I/O systems for process-oriented applications

The two complementary I/O systems Axioline P and Axioline F have been specially developed for the special requirements of process-oriented and robust applications. This includes, among other things

  • HART communication
  • Intrinsic safety and PROFINET system redundancy
  • Hot-swap-capability
  • I/O modules for extreme conditions


Use it to automate the production process or implement data analysis in process technology with direct connection to a cloud. Both systems offer the possibility to connect sensor and actuator signals directly from zones 2, 1 and 0. The I/O station is installed in zone 2. In combination with PLCnext Technology, the modules of the Axioline F I/O system are ideally suited for NAMUR Open Architecture applications for impact‑free automation.

High-availability system – Axioline P

The remote I/O system comprises redundancy-capable PROFINET bus couplers, PROFIBUS PA outputs, and both digital and analog I/O modules. Axioline P meets the demands of the process industry for extended temperature ranges and hot-swap-capable, intrinsically safe I/O modules. The interaction between the various innovative components enables a modular structure, thereby providing a future-proof solution for a wide range of system models.


The Axioline P I/O system guarantees maximum availability for your application. The hot-swap-capable local bus allows the replacement of existing modules from an Axioline P I/O station without having to switch off the system. The electromechanical design of the bus socket means that you can even remove several modules from the station simultaneously without disrupting local bus communication. PROFINET system redundancy and a redundant power supply for each PROFIBUS PA segment increase system availability.

IoT-capable energy measuring devices

EMpro energy measuring devices acquire your energy data and communicate it to higher-level control and management systems. Configure and integrate the devices in just a few steps using the web-based, user-guided installation wizard. You can also benefit from the simple, direct connection of conventional Rogowski coils, and from the many practice-oriented web server and device functions.

A lot of choices of fieldbus protocol supported such as: REST, Modbus/TCP, Modbus/RTU, EtherNet/IP™,PROFINET RT.

The integrated REST interface and direct connection to the cloud pave the way to the digital world in the Internet of Things (IoT). 24 V versions complete the portfolio.


Your advantages with EMpro measuring devices for managing your energy consumption

Set up communication interface, select grid type, configure measuring input: the EMpro energy measuring devices are configured and integrated into the network within minutes. Reduce your wiring and configuration effort, and benefit from smart web server functions.

MID Power Meters

The MID energy meters are used for billing cost centers. The measuring devices record the most important electrical parameters and make the data available to higher-level control systems via common communication interfaces

Your advantages:

  • Easy integration into existing bus and network structures with M-Bus, Modbus/RTU or Modbus/TCP
  • Easy integration into Modbus applications via uniform register tables with EMpro energy measuring devices (EEM-MAxxx main measured values, not with EEM-EM32X)
  • The overall width of just 72 mm saves space in the control cabinet
  • Save time and money with versions that enable direct measurement without external current transformers

Integrated Industrial Video Surveillance

Phoenix Contact offers integrated industrial surveillance solutions from video servers through to cameras with products that are robust and are reliable, even under extreme conditions. The basis for these solutions is our broad range of connection and automation technology that is combined into an application-oriented solution.

PoE injectors

Power over Ethernet injectors supply your devices in the field with data and power via just one cable. The various IDC, Push-in or screw connection technologies significantly simplify the installation of the field cable.

Your advantages

  • Midspan Injector available in a range of performance classes up to 60 watts in accordance with IEEE 802.3- af, -at, -bt
  • Large selection of different connection technologies
  • Integrated surge protection to ensure high system availability
  • Shield current monitoring for diagnostics in the event of shield currents caused by EMC or differences in potential
  • Wiring space covered with front panel cover
  • Electrical isolation of the internal power supply unit

Ethernet Switches

Ethernet switches are the communication hubs of your industrial network. They provide reliable, efficient data exchange and can ensure the robustness of your network. Find the right switches for your application here.

Your advantages

  • The right switch for every application: Unmanaged Switches, intelligent switches, Managed Switches, and layer 3 switches
  • Support for various IT standards and automation protocols such as PROFINET and EtherNet/IP™
  • Gigabit switches for large networks with high data throughput
  • Power over Ethernet switches for the use of cameras and other PoE end devices

Ethernet port adapter WLAN and Bluetooth in one device

With the ethernet port adapter (ePA), ethernet‑capable automation devices can communicate wirelessly with PROFINeT, Modbus/TCP, and etherNet/IP™ control networks. The new generation ePA modules support both WLAN and Bluetooth communication in just one device.

Your advantages

  • WLAN and Bluetooth support in just one device
  • Easy installation, thanks to integrated antenna and M12 connections
  • Reliable transmission of safety signals over long distances
  • Easy and safe setup, thanks to largely automatic configuration
  • Robust IP65 industrial housing

Radioline Wireless  I/O

Radioline is the new wireless system for large systems. Special features include extremely easy assignment of inputs and outputs by simply turning the thumbwheel – without any programming. Radioline transmits I/O signals (I/O mode) or serial data (serial mode) and is therefore very versatile. Alternatively, I/O signals can now also be connected to controllers directly using the Modbus protocol (PLC/Modbus RTU mode).

In addition, you can implement various network structures: from a simple point-to-point connection to complex mesh networks. Thanks to the latest Trusted Wireless technology, Radioline is the ideal choice for industrial use.

QUINT Series Power Supply

Primary-switched QUINT POWER power supply with free choice of output characteristic curve, SFB (selective fuse breaking) technology, and NFC interface, input: 1-phase, output: 12/24 V DC/ 1.5-15 A

The fourth generation of the high-performance QUINT POWER power supplies ensures superior system availability by means of new functions. Signaling thresholds and characteristic curves can be individually adjusted via the NFC interface.The unique SFB technology and preventive function monitoring of the QUINT POWER power supply increase the availability of your application.

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