Precision, Reliability, & Innovation always become our slogan. We are working with world class technology provider to provide cutting edge technology to our customers. We listened our customer process information and we always gives the best solution that fit in into their process.

We are working together with IMS Messsysteme GmbH to providing Online Non Contact measurement for Iron & Steel Industry. We have different technology for different application such as: X-Ray, Optical, Force and Laser measurement. IMS Messsysteme GmbH always guarantee the highest standards of quality – worldwide under the toughest operating conditions.

Thickness Measurement

Quality and profitability are critically dependent on compliance with the thickness tolerancesWith the thickness measurement, the thickness of the material to be measured is accurately recorded in the roller path center online and contactlessIn addition to the fixed position in the roller path center thickness measurement can also be performed as a thickness profile measurement. In this case, the measurement bracket traversed continuously between the two Measuring end

The main advantages of our measurement systems compared with conventional measuring methods are in non-contactcontinuous and fast acquisition of the measured values with the highest possible accuracy in real timeThe measured values are sent to the parent AGC thickness control to achieve a specific and constant thickness on the measured material.

IMS technology for thickness measurement
IMS CCS flatness gauge for flatness measuring systems


The IMS-CCS Flatness Gauge offers you a degree of accuracy not found in other flatness measuring systems. As your customers require increasingly tight tolerances, this gauge helps you to maximize the acceptance rate of strip, sheet and plate processed on galvanizing, pickling, cutting-to-length, slitting and tension leveling lines in service centers and cold mills.


It contains 50 cameras per 1,000 mm of inspection length and a laser line unit. The source head projects multiple laser lines across the strip width and the lines are imaged using matrix cameras. These intelligent camera clusters provide superior data image processing with a high sampling rate, no matter on matte or glossy surfaces. You get the topographical- and flatness data displayed on an HMI device for superior monitoring and control. Even with limited installation space, the compact simplified design and pre-calibration shorten the installation and commissioning time to your advantage. The IMS-CCS Flatness Gauges are now more powerful and easier to install than ever!


Track Continuous Processes

The surface inspection systems in the X-2Dvision series work with line scan cameras that inspect hot and cold strip in two dimensions. In combination with 3D systems at the continuous casting plant, they make it possible to track surface defects throughout the process chain.

If the surface data from the casting strand and hot and cold rolling lines are correlated with each other, it is possible to identify and correct the causes of defects arising in upstream stages of the process and whose effects only become visible later on. The X-2Dvision systems for hot mills work with a large measuring distance to the material and are designed for use in harsh environmental conditions.

For inspection jobs in cold mills, which usually only have restricted installation space available, surcon supplies especially compact measuring heads that are easy to integrate into existing production lines. The data of the 3D and 2D systems can be stored in a common database in IMS’s own MEVInet-Q quality data management system.

The MEVInet-Q system collects and archives all data arising in the process. Apart from surface data, geometry and line data can also be saved. This enables comprehensive evaluation of all information relevant to the process.

For the surface inspection systems, it offers a Rules Editor to support creation of rules for the release of coils.The offline simulation function enables testing of new rules with historical data before the rules are activated for use in routine production.

We are working together with several technologies pioneers in the field of Liquid & Slurry Measurement. SIGRIST PHOTOMETER 70th years company that pioneers of online “non contact” measurement of turbidity & color measurement. SOFRASER pioneers of viscosity measurement for many different application.


Our solution

Rhosonics introduces the newest generation non-nuclear density meter, the SDM Slurry Density Meter. This instrument is suitable for real-time density measurement in all kinds of slurries. The product uses sustainable ultrasonic technology and is specifically designed for dredging and mineral processing applications after ten years of experience with the predecessor, the model 9690 density meter. The SDM uses a non-intrusive ultrasonic sensor to measure the real-time density of mineral slurries under high density levels and at very large pipes.


By measuring the acoustic impedance of a slurry, the SDM calculates the density of the slurry real-time during the process. The sensor is made of stainless steel and ceramic material. Because of the new sensor material, the sensor has lots of better properties. By making use of ceramics material, the ultrasonic signal is more brightful and powerful than before. Also, the sensor is more wear resistant than its predecessor, model 9690. Installation is easy and can be done by means of wafer cells, spool pieces or a weld-on piece (weldolet). The weldolet technology is a low-cost solution, especially for larger pipe sizes, since this method only requires a small hole in the existing pipe.

Sigrist process photometer

On-line Turbidity meter (ISO 7027) with free fall flow cell with high resolution from SIGRIST PROCESS-PHOTOMETER

The AquaScat measures turbidity of potable water according to IEC 27027 using 90+° scattered light detection in a free-falling water stream. This contactless design eliminates window foiling and minimizes servicing to a minimum. Calibration check is performed with a calibration unit that is either mounted to perform the check or that is already built in (depending on variant).

  • True non-contact measurement in free-fall stream
  • Re-calibration with secondary standard (fully automatic)
  • Lowest stray light levels


Absorption Measuring Instrument in-line

The ColorPlus measures the colour/absorbance online at up to three different wavelengths in the UV and visible range, also combined. Turbidity can be compensated at the same time by selecting an appropriate wavelength. The modular design of the instrument enables to cover various applications by selecting the most suitable measuring cell. In many cases, a standard housing like e.g. Varivent® is used. Alternatively, custom-specific flow cells in different materials and designs are available. For inspecting the instrument, checking units on the basis of reference filters can easily be inserted. Operation is done intuitive using the intelligent control system SICON via touch screen technology and colour display. Values, graphs, alarm and status messages can be presented. An internal data logger allows recalling and displaying measured data from the last 32 days. A variety of analogue and digital interfaces allows smooth system integration and control.

COLORPLUS 2 in line absorption measuring instrument in line

SOFRASER – Inventors of the world’s first resonance frequency viscometer

The Sofraser MIVI sensor results in peak production and end-product quality by delivering 24/7 instantaneous measurement and efficient analysis such as dynamic or kinematic viscosity, density, concentration, phase detection, etc.

Inserting the vibrating needle in processes does drastically reduce losses and optimize quality. Compatible with the harshest environments, the Sofraser MIVI viscometer offers the highest performance on the market and fits multiple mounting configurations, allowing optimal fluid measurement.



• Any range betweeen 0,01 to 1.000.000 mPa.s
• One single sensor able to provide high level of sensitivity over a very large measurement range
• Available in 1.400 bars or 300°C versions
• The most comprehensive Processor range
• Included flow damper to laminarize the flow around the sensing element improving stability
• Optional temperature probe inserted directly in the process line (embedded thermowell)


Gas Measurement are the most challenging application in instrumentation. In General that we need to divide between process gas & emission gas(CEMS). We have engineering team that able to help giving you solution for both application process. We are working together with several technologies provider on these field because there is “No Single Providers” that able to measured every parameters in different application. Sampling and gas treatment system also play a big roles. We have our own designed team & workshop to build it.

Let’s us know your application & we are ready to answer.


Concerning the Electronic Licensing Reporting System for the Environmental Sector for Businesses and/or Activities, called SISPEK KLHK we provide a solution called FLOEMS – PMRS ( Polution Monitoring and Reporting System).

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