Rhosonics develops, manufactures and supplies in-line measuring instruments based on ultrasonic technology. Since the company was founded in 1992, the company has continuously focused on the development and improvement of the ultrasonic measurement technologies for a variety of applications. At Rhosonics, we believe that we can offer a measurement solution for virtually all process liquids in any industry.



Rhosonics introduces the newest generation non-nuclear density meter, the SDM Slurry Density Meter. This instrument is suitable for real-time density measurement in all kinds of slurries. The product uses sustainable ultrasonic technology and is specifically designed for dredging and mineral processing applications after ten years of experience with the predecessor, the model 9690 density meter. The SDM uses a non-intrusive ultrasonic sensor to measure the real-time density of mineral slurries under high density levels and at very large pipes.



By measuring the acoustic impedance of a slurry, the SDM calculates the density of the slurry real-time during the process. The sensor is made of stainless steel and ceramic material. Because of the new sensor material, the sensor has lots of better properties. By making use of ceramics material, the ultrasonic signal is more brightful and powerful than before. Also, the sensor is more wear resistant than its predecessor, model 9690. Installation is easy and can be done by means of wafer cells, spool pieces or a weld-on piece (weldolet). The weldolet technology is a low-cost solution, especially for larger pipe sizes, since this method only requires a small hole in the existing pipe.

Typical application such as

  • Dredging
  • mining (thickener, cyclone feed, & etc)
  • washing plant
  • cement concrete
  • mixing

8500 Series – Ultrasonic Concentration Analyzer

The RHOSONICS Model 8500 is the newest and most powerful instrument to measure the composition of industrial liquids. Thanks to the innovative electronics and sensor design, continuous in-line monitoring of diluted solutions is now possible with an extreme accuracy, virtually no maintenance and without moving or degrading parts.Model 8500 operates with the UMP or UFTC series of probes, available with several process connections and materials such as 316L,Hastelloy and PEEK.

The measurement technology for the model 8500 is only based on speed of sound determination in combination with high accuracy temperature measurement. Depending on the application and mounting possibilities, we can offer reflection or transmission probes.

Typical applications are for measurement concentration of:

  • Acids and caustic such as: NaOH, KOH, NH4OH, H2SO4, TMAH, HCL, HNO3, & etc
  • Hydrocarbons base such as: Oil in Water, Water in Oil, Glycol in water, solvents & etc 
  • Total Dissolved Solids of Salts such as: KCl, NaCl & etc



  • Very easy to install
  • Density measurement, independent of medium type
  • Fully inline, zero intrusion
  • Very insensitive to gas bubbles
  • Safe and durable probe system


  • High accuracy and reproducibility
  • Suitable for all types of slurries
  • Maintenance free
  • Probe type available to suit your application

9690 Series – Hybrid Sensor for Chemical Slurry Density Analyzer

At last a new and extremely reliable technology is available for chemical base industry to measure slurry and suspension density, inline, and with a minimum of installation and maintenance effort. Designed by combining attenuation, speed of sound, acoustic impedance, & temperature principals in the mathematical model to determine slurry density in the chemical base liquids.

The sensors itself made of PEEK as standard material which designed to withstand against aggressive chemicals and on the same time able to withstand again mild abrasive materials.


  • Limestone, Gypsum
  • Silicon carbide, Zirconium Carbonate
  • Sand, Cement, Concrete, Dredging sludge
  • Ground Ore, Drilling Mud
  • Cutting and Polishing Slurry

Typical applications are for density of :

Pulp mill Liquor, such as:

  • White liquor
  • green liquor
  • black liquor

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